Get Up and Running: Installing Pippity

Getting Pippity installed in WordPress is painless, here’s the basic process:

  1. Download Pippity
  2. Upload via WordPress or FTP
  3. Activate Pippity

Download Pippity

Click Here to Download Pippity Now

You were also emailed a download link when you bought Pippity and you can download a copy from

Upload Pippity via WordPress

The easiest way to get Pippity on your server is simply to login to your site’s admin panel and upload directly from WordPress.

Flow to Install Pippity Custom Popup
Click the Plugins Tab -> Add New -> Upload then Choose a File and Upload


To make things easy, you can login to your admin panel and just paste the following directly after /wp-admin in the browser’s URL:


Click Choose File/Browse Files and select the Pippity .zip file that you just downloaded. Click Upload and we’ll take care of the rest!

Upload Pippity via FTP

If that doesn’t work for any reason, you can use the FTP credentials your web-host has provided to upload Pippity.

First, unzip the file you downloaded. Then login to FTP and navigate, from your web-root to /wp-content/plugins. Upload Pippity to that directory and set it’s permissions to 0755.

Activate Pippity

Now go to the Plugins Administration Panel in WordPress, find Pippity and click ‘Activate’. You should now see it appear along your Admin Side Panel.

When you go to Pippity, you’ll need to enter the following license key (Manage your keys at