Constantly Improve Your Popup with A/B Testing

One of the most exciting features of Pippity is the ability to have more than one popup profile and to compare their performance. Pippity even allows you to run two popups at the same time, randomly deciding which to show.

This means that you can constantly improve your popup. If you aren’t sure what settings are best, no problem – test them!

The Pippity Panel: Where it All Begins

With Two Popups Active, a Champion Emerges
With Two Popups Active, a Champion Emerges

The main Pippity Panel is where you can quickly get a glance of all your popups and summary of their performance.

The best way to compare two popups is for them to be nearly identical aside from one detail that you’re testing. Pippity makes this easy – just click Clone on a popup from the Pippity Panel. Now you have an exact copy of an existing popup.

Click Edit and change something. Once saved, go back to the Pippity panel and activate both of the popups. You may want to rename them related to what you changed.

Dig Into the Details

Custom Popup Analytics Page
The Analytics Page Makes It Easy to See All the Important Stats

If you really want to dive into the deep end, go to the Pippity Analytics page. By default, you’ll be comparing the two active popups but you can load in any popup that has enough data.

The analytics available are:

  • Impressions: The number of times your popup has appeared
  • Conversions: The number of signups your popu has generated
  • Conversion Rate: The percent of popups that convert
  • Time on Popup: How long a user is on your popup before closing or converting
  • Time on Page: How long a user stays on your page in total

It doesn’t take a genius to know how important conversion rate is – now you can easily track and compare it against other popups.

Equally important, is the impact your popup has on users that don’t convert. Pippity allows you, finally, to see whether or not your popup is driving readers away and to reduce the amount that it does by optimizing for longer pageview times.

Drilling Down

On both the Pippity Panel and Analytics page, you can limit the date range of analytics included with the available range-picker.

Custom Popup Analytics Range Selector
Easily Drill in to Different Dates

You can now be totally aware of your popups’ performance and their affect on your visitors. Now it’s time to take full control of your popups’ look and feel so that you can really start experiment.