How to Style Your Pippity Popup to Perfection

Now that we’ve made a simple popup with quick-styles it’s likely that you’ll want to really dig in and start editing the details of your popups’ look. You can change an existing popup by clicking its edit icon from the main Pippity Panel.

Edit a Custom Pippity Popup
Click Edit to Make Changes to Your Popup

The Stylize Menu

From the stylize menu you can edit the following properties:

Custom Popup Stylize Menue
Pippity's Styling Options

Customize Images

Custom Popup Images
Get a Totally Custom Look by Mixing and Matching Images

Pippity Popups each image elements that can be chose by selecting them from the available drop-down choices. You’ll instantly see the changes on the right!

Customize Fonts

Custom Popup Fonts
Beautiful Fonts Available for your Popups

Mouse over a text area’s font-selector and set exactly the fonts you want from a beautiful selection of open-web fonts. (photo credits)

Customize Text Color

Custom Popups Text Color
Easily Select the Perfect Colors

Click a text-area’s color-box and an easy to use color picker will appear.


Easily set the overlay opacity and colorpicker.



Some popups allow their position to be.

Customize CSS

For super tweakers only! Enter your own CSS here and have to affect your popup. You’ll see the changes instantly!

You are the Pippity Maestro

Now you know it all! Still have questions or encountered some problems?