Adding Custom Fields

Pippity allows you to add custom fields to your popup so that you can collect more than just your readers name and email address.

Preparing your Newsletter Service

Every newsletter service is different but you’ll want to create a new field in your service’s embeddable form and take note of the HTML Name given to that field (often called the ID or something similar). This is what allows Pippity to sync up to your service.

Here’s an example in MailChimp:

Some, services don’t give you an easy way to see what the HTML Name is. In this case, you’ll need to use “View Source” in your browser or your browsers Developer Tools to find the name in the code.

Here’s an example in MadMimi:

MadMimi will require to you to look in the HTML to find the field's name

Here we used Chrome Developer Tools to inspect the input field which reveals that the name is signup[phone].

Working in Pippity

Now, copy and paste your newsletters embeddable form HTML, as you normally would into Pippity.

Pippity should detect the custom form and automatically add it with the appropriate HTML name but you’ll want to confirm that to be sure.

You can also manually add a custom field to an existing form in Pippity as shown below:

Add a custom field to a Pippity Form and assign a field label and name attribute

The Label on the left can we whatever you’d like. However the HTML Name on the right must always match your newsletter service so be sure that’s correct!

With those synced up, everything should function correctly. Hit save, take your popup for a test run and enjoy collecting the additional data from your readers! Go To This Site pay for dissertation uk.